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From 2013 to 2014 LED lighting market rapid turning the world into the era of "LED lighting

From the OFweek network: the development of Chinese lighting LED lighting industry from the bud to grow, from a supporting role to the protagonist, the sparks of fire to start a prairie fire, through the history of nearly 10 years. If you want touse one word to sum up in 2013 Chinese LED lighting industry status, that is "channel year"! The development of anything is a process, in different stages,there are different subjects.

In 2013 Chinese LED lighting industry has gone through infancy, childhood,adolescence, officially entered the puberty! Both of the technology and products,regardless of price or quality, both the channel or the brand, whether it is human orservice, are gradually bid farewell to the past, muddled, enter the path is clear.

At 2014, Chinese LED lighting industry development route actually is pretty clear:technology development into the fast lane, the original problem to the development of LED lighting is attack; product diversification, replace the stage to stage; the price reasonable, abandon the profits, different prices according to differentquality; channel more and more professional, different model brought aboutdifferent "enjoy"; the market more and more differentiation, many previously did not appear the market suddenly appeared in front of us; brand building needs moreendurance, no one can on a sudden outbreak dare to call themselves "brand";service must be systematic, is no longer a simple "three pack", but the completethe pre-sale, sale, after sale of debugging answer follow up......

Entered in 2014, America government in the territory of a total ban on the production and import of incandescent lamp program formally went into effect.Canada also from January 1, 2014 onwards, the incandescent lamp formal disable 75W and 100W, and 40 and 60W lighting, will also ban in December 31, 2014. The European Union has comprehensively in 2012 banned the sale of incandescent lamp. In 2014, incandescent lamp main countries and areas in the world out ofplans to mass effect.

Fully opened in 2013 ~ 2014, the world's major countries and regions to ban or will be banned incandescent lamp incandescent lamp bans sales plan for LED lighting market. Chinese, EU, USA three largest market in 2014 may have doubled thegrowth. Driven by the government out incandescent policy, in 2014 the global LED lighting permeability increase will reach the fastest.

For the purpose of energy conservation considerations, each country has set up the incandescent lamp out roadmap, gradually banning the production and sale ofincandescent lamp. USA government promulgated act in 2007, American will be divided into three steps to the incandescent lamp was eliminated: the first step, in2012 eliminated 100W incandescent lamp; the second step, to 2013, incandescent lamp to eliminate 75W, third step since January 1, 2014, to ban all incandescent lamp. Canada also from January 1, 2014 onwards, the incandescent lamp formaldisable 75W and 100W, and 40 and 60W lighting, will also ban in December 31, 2014. The European Union has from 2012 to September a total ban on the sale ofincandescent lamp. But in the China mainland, also to phase out incandescent lamps for general lighting roadmap: from 2012 to October, banned the import and sale of incandescent lamp, 100W and above, in 2014 October, banned the import and sale of incandescent lamp, 60W and above; in 2015 October to 2016September to evaluate the policy adjustment, the follow-up policy, and in 2016October, banned the import and sale of incandescent lamp, 15W and above. On the whole, the main 60W power incandescent lamp Market in 2014 will prohibit the export and sale, the general lighting market LED great is in full swing.

In addition to the global ban, cost drivers terminal price drop is the main factors that promote hair lighting market outbreak. According to the American Department of energy in 2011 published "solid state lighting manufacturing roadmap", OEMand LED packaging and LED lamp in the price of 2010~2015 per year over the period fell 30%, in 2015~2020 each year during the fall 10~15%. Falling prices caneffectively stimulate demand for LED lighting, and a decline in the cost of LEDdecline in the price of endogenous power. Cost of two driving forces: reduce the manufacturing cost and enhance light efficiency per unit of product.

The effect of light lifting refers to achieve the same brightness and consume less energy. Can improve the efficiency of light from many aspects, such as theselection of optimum design in epitaxy better substrates and epitaxial material, chip packaging using flip chip bonding allows more light into the chip, module level of optical system can reduce the light loss etc..

Reduce the manufacturing cost is OEM link cost control, including reducing thematerial cost and improve manufacturing efficiency. Part of the actual cost of onlythe total cost of the LED chip, 10W bulb lamp package accounted for 47% of the total cost, cost of chips may only accounted for about 15%, other costs arepackaging, cooling, structure, power supply and other costs. A decline in total costnot only related to the manufacturing and packaging chip, structure, heat dissipation, power supply design and manufacturing cost impact.

--Haitz Moore's law industry pointed out, the price of LED every 10 years as the original 1/10, performance is increased by 20 times. With the increase of size of the apparent effect of efficiency, delivery, cost will gradually decline, LED terminal product prices will fall into the scope of acceptable to the public, the general lighting market will open a 100 billion market, let numerous LED enterprise benefit.

The latest survey from the LED bulb retail price of view, in 2013 November, globalreplace 40 LED lighting retail price fell about 2.7%, to $15.4, the price Chinese big border area dropped 20.6%. 60W to replace the traditional incandescent bulbscommodity, the global average price fell 0.7%, to $21.5. The recent LED lightingprice

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